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Where & How To Put An IFAK/JFAK On A Plate Carrier?

IFAK/JFAK (Individual or Joint First Aid Kit) is a personal tactical medical pouch with a trauma kit containing essential life-saving materials. In accordance with TCCC, all the medical content in IFAK/JFAK should be in accordance with the MARCH protocol

There are three ways to store IFAK med kit:

  1. On a leg holster bag;
  2. On a plate carrier;
  3. On a battle belt.

Speaking about the plate carrier placement, there are also three options: 

  1. Front bottom side;
  2. Back bottom side;
  3. Cummerbund. 

Usually, military and law enforcement personnel place their IFAK/JFAK medical pouch on the battle belt or plate carrier, and very rarely on a leg holster bag (well, it’s rather tacticool than practical). And today I’ll show you the main ways to place the IFAK pouch with a trauma kit on your plate carrier.


Where To Put An IFAK On A Plate Carrier: Main Rules

I suggest you go through this section in a Questions & Answers manner. Why? I think it’s the most comfortable and comprehensive way to cover the main questions you may have.

Where exactly to put my IFAK? 

There is not only ONE correct way to put your IFAK on a plate carrier. Remember: you should store your IFAK in the most comfortable zone for you. Let me explain: why do you have to have IFAK? Because it’ll be needed to use if you’ll be wounded/injured. Thus, you’ll need the FASTEST way to use it, and your IFAK should be easy to reach for it. 

What Kind Of Pouch Should I Use – Horizontal or Vertical?

Doesn’t really matter. Totally depending on the placement of other pouches/gear.

What Should I Put In My IFAK? 

This is not a subject of this article. However, it depends on your role and purposes: ASM (All Service Member), CLS (Combat Life Saver), EDC, etc. As a main rule, I recommend you to make your IFAK according to the rules of TCCC. 

At least, your IFAK may contain the next military first aid kit contents:

Where to Place a Plate Carrier IFAK? 

As I wrote in the very beginning, there are three options to place an IFAK on your plate carrier: 

  1. Front bottom side – preferable option #1;
  2. Back bottom side;
  3. Cummerbund – preferable option #2.

Let’s see the demonstrative pictures of every option. 

IFAK on The Front Bottom Side

One of the most comfortable ways to store IFAK on a plate carrier. One of the options is to put your IFAK on the front bottom side of your plate carrier. For that purpose, a drop down utility pouch may be used. 

IFAK on The Back Bottom Side

This option became popular because of the operators of the special military groups and organizations (like private military companies and contractors).  

Forward Observations Group, Roll 1 Trauma Pouch by Ferro Concepts:

Other operators and their IFAK placement:

Cummerbund Placement of IFAK Pouch

Cummerbund is a common option to store an IFAK pouch on a plate carrier. Moreover, this is a recommended way to store IFAK: it won’t create discomfort on a field and/or direct action.

Key Takeaways

Don’t really know what to write more about IFAK placement on the plate carrier – it seems like I already show you all the options you can use. I can’t recommend you where exactly to place your IFAK, because it’s totally depends on your personal preferences and other gear. Remember, the main rule is: put it wherever you want, just be sure you could use it where you’ll need it.