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Ukrainian Military Communities

There are many military communities has been created since the start of the Big War. There are much more already exist, before the invasion of russia. Some of them are well-known, some of them you didn’t hear about. This post about them all — I provide you the list of the communities, groups and teams I know, and this list would expand with time.


Company Group Team

One of the largest and well-known military communities in Ukraine, created by the veterans in 2018 with the one goal — to raise a prestige of AFoU. This is not a specific brigade or regiment — people from the CGT are all around the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as civilians, volunteers, etc.

The fundamental concept of the CGT philosophy is used in the propaganda of the new vision of the army – professionals in their work, decent military servicemen, for the sake of honor and goodness before the people, to whom they swore allegiance.


There are a very bit information about this group. Are they’re a group of the SOF operators? Probably they are. Are they’re all in one squad? No. Are they’re group of Ukrainian officers and soldiers and serving as a part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine? They are.

North Side Group

As far as I know for now, the NSG (North Side Group) is a group of military professionals, firstly created for providing the information about the war realities in Ukraine at least in 2019. But again — the man behind this group is in the Armed Forces of Ukraine since the very start of the war in 2014. This is the way as many military communities has been created — there’s always someone behind who started to raise awareness of the war, and later all other like-minded people are came.

For now, the North Side Group is a large, and well-known (in small and not so small circles) community. Almost all of them are people who have gone through so much together. NSG is not a PMC or PMSC (however, russian retarded propaganda say so), and there’s no ways to apply or join the group.


VEPR Team, aka 4713 Detachment, are the part of the SOF of Ukraine.