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The Best Dump Pouches: Top 5 Options To Buy

Dump pouch is an element of tactical/military/hunting gear created for the storage of the empty mags. That’s the one and only primary purpose of this type of gear, whatever others say. So dump pouch meant to be the most simple type of gear? Yes, and no at the same time. What does it mean? I made this article about the best dump pouches considering a few crucial points: practical usage, ergonomics, and quality. 


Don’t Have 15 Minutes To Read a Full Article? Here’s The Best Dump Pouches

Ok, here’s my list of the best dump pouches:

  1. Excellent Elite Spanker MOLLE dump pouch;
  2. IDOGEAR MOLLE dump pouch;
  3. OneTigris dump pouch;
  4. PETAC GEAR Dump Pouch.

Here’s a quick comparison table of these dump pouches:

Brand/ParameterWeightDimensions, L*W*H (Folded/Unfolded)Material
Excellent Elite Spanker MOLLE dump pouch0.2 poundsUnfolded: 6”x3”x8.5”Folded: 3.7”x1.2”x5.3”
500D Cordura Nylon
IDOGEAR MOLLE dump pouch0.3 poundsUnfolded: 10.4”x3”x11.4”Folded: Non-Foldable500D Nylon + Teflon water-resistant coating
OneTigris dump pouch0.2 poundsUnfolded: 6.5”x6.5”x9.5”Folded: 3.5”x1.5”x4.5”Laminated 500D Cordura Nylon
PETAC GEAR Dump Pouch0.2 poundsUnfolded: 11.8”x3”x9.4”Folded: 3”x1.2”x3.5”500D Nylon + 70D Ripstop Nylon

Why I Didn’t Include HSGI, LBT or BFG Dump Pouches?

Quick answer: they’re overpriced. I see no ANY small reason to buy a $50-60 dump pouch over the quality Chinese-made models. 

Speaking about the “Brand-Price-Quality”, I personally divide all the gear in two general categories: critical and non-critical gear. Backpacks, IFAK pouches, clothing, gloves, shoes, electronics – this is a critical gear: there’s no compromise for the price over the quality. 

And there’s also supplemental gear, such as helmet covers, dump pouches, hats, scarfs, etc. As you may see, there’s nothing critical about buying a quality helmet cover or a decent-quality flashlight pouch made in China. 

So if you decide to buy a $25-30 dump pouch (despite it being made in China), and you see dozens of positive reviews, well… Why not? Why should you buy a $50-60 pouch instead? Just because of the brand? Again – if you want, you can. But there’s no practical sense to make that.

What Dump Pouches Used By The Ukrainian Military? 

All kinds of dump pouches. Many soldiers use the Chinese-made products I listed above, but we also have our own brands who make excellent gear, including the pouches. And you know what? They’re made of original Cordura fabric, extremely durable, reliable, and high-quality. And their average price is about $35-40. And these pouches are probably one of the best in the world, because they’re already tested on the battlefields, and have no negative reviews.

M-TAC tactical pouch, made by

Another UA made pouch by the Velmet company:

And another one multicam dump pouch, made by Utactic:

Can you order/buy these dump pouches?

However, you can contact me, and we can try to make an order for you. 

The Best Dump Pouches: What To Look At? 

Choosing your magazine dump pouch, consider the next points before buying: 

  1. Size and storage capacity: almost all pouches have similar dimensions. However, this parameter is critical in the meaning of the storage capacity. Consider the pouches that allow you to store at least 6 standard 30-rounds magazines.
  2. Material: again, they’re all made of Cordura or nylon. Look at the products made of 500D material – you don’t really need 1000D nylon. If your pouch would be additionally covered by water-resistant materials – that’s even better. 
  3. Drainage. Your mags may be dirty. If you don’t want to store the sand and dirt in your pouch with the mag pouches, consider the models with drainage holes.
  4. MOLLE-compatability. Some of the pouches may be created with the velcro panels only. I don’t really recommend this type of attachment for the heavy-loaded pouches, so preferably look at the products compatible with MOLLE panels.
  5. Shock cord. If you don’t want to lose your empty mags while running or crawling, look for the models with shock cords. 

Do you have any questions or thoughts about this article? Have something to say or add? Feel free to write to me, and probably we’ll make it live! 

Where To Place A Dump Pouch?

The best way to place the dump pouch is on the backside of the battle belt, from the right or left side (considering you’re left- or right-handed person). 

Can you place a dump pouch on a plate carrier? I personally don’t recommend it, because it’s impractical.

What’s The Best Cheap Dump Pouch Made In The USA?

Ok, so you don’t want to buy dump pouches made in China, for any reason. However, you’d like to find a pouch made in the USA, but not for all the money in the world. In this case, I recommend you to look at the Condor dump pouch.

How Big Should A Dump Pouch Be?

The perfect-sized dump pouch allows you to store 6 AR/AK 30-round magazines or assault puppy

Do You Really Need A Dump/Drop Pouch?

If you’re only doing oper8durr speed reloads for Instagram, then dump pouches aren’t very useful, but in my opinion they are needed for the tactical reloads. Also, some soldiers using their cargo pockets instead of this pouch, but this is not the best and most practical ways to store empty mags.