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The Best Battle Belts: What To Look At & Best To Buy

When it comes to tactical equipment, a battle belt is an essential component. A battle belt should be comfortable to wear, but also provide the necessary support for any heavy-duty tasks you may encounter in the field. We have compiled a detailed review of the top 6 battle belts currently on the market. Our team of experts has tested and evaluated each belt, so you can rest assured that you are getting the best information possible when deciding which one is right for you. Let’s take a look at what we found. 

Before we go through, I should note first and foremost: speaking about the best battle belt, you don’t have to stick to the specific brand or name. Yes, it’s hard to believe for someone, but it’s true. When my teammates and service members asked for the best battle belt available on the market, I always said: look at any of the reputable MOLLE-compatible belts. At the same time, carrying a ton of weight on a belt alone is miserable, and can turn to crap even well-known, highly-recommended belts. So my first and most important advice is get a good belt with the essentials and look at a chest rig (and/or plate carrier) for the better gear loadout.


Tacticon Battle Belt (Incl. V2.0) – The Best Overall

The Tacticon Battle Belt is designed with maximum comfort and durability in mind. It’s made from heavy-duty nylon webbing and features a 2-inch wide YKK quick release buckle. This belt also comes with a padded Velcro loop underbelt to increase comfort and stability, as well as two integrated MOLLE compatible pouches that allow you to carry essential items easily and securely. One downside of this belt is its lack of adjustability; however, given its superior build quality and overall comfort level, this shouldn’t be an issue. 

This is my favorite battle belt. High-quality, durable and sturdy. What’s even better, it’s really cheap, considering the quality. For now on, I bought about 15 Tacticon battle belts, and after months of tests, I’ve got the positive reviews and opinions from the soldiers.

AWS LAB™ Light Assault Belt System

The AWS LAB™ (Light Assault Belt System) is designed with comfort and durability in mind, making it ideal for those looking for a comfortable yet reliable belt system that can stand up to whatever conditions you throw at it. The LAB™ features an adjustable waistband with hook-and-loop closures as well as padded shoulder straps that can be adjusted to fit your body type. Additionally, there are various mounting points throughout the belt that allow you to add holsters or other accessories with ease. This feature makes the LAB™ perfect for those who need to quickly transition between different configurations without having to swap out their entire gear set each time. 

ATS War Belt  

The ATS War Belt is designed for maximum versatility and comfortability. It features an adjustable waistband that fits waists ranging from 28″ – 58″, making it suitable for almost any size user. The belt also has integrated webbing loops which allow you to quickly attach holsters or other tactical accessories without needing extra hardware or tools, allowing you to customize your setup on the go. Additionally, the belt is made from strong 1000D nylon webbing and has a reinforced buckle closure system for added security when carrying heavily loaded gear sets. All in all, this is one tough battle belt that’s perfect for those long days out on patrol or in the hunting fields! 

KRYDEX Heavy Duty Belt 

The KRYDEX Heavy Duty Belt is constructed from 1000 D Cordura Nylon for superior durability and strength. It features an adjustable hook-and-loop closure system that allows for easy size adjustment without any tools or extra hardware. This belt also includes a removable underbelt with two MOLLE compatible pockets for storing small items like keys or knives, making it perfect for both tactical use and everyday wear. The only downside we could find was that it doesn’t offer as much adjustability as some other models on our list. 

Grey Ghost Gear Battle Belt 

The Grey Ghost Gear Battle Belt is designed specifically for tactical operations, featuring heavy-duty construction and laser cut slots for attaching additional pouches or accessories like flashlights or knives. It also comes with an adjustable hook-and-loop closure system, allowing you to customize your fit quickly and easily without any tools or extra hardware. Additionally, this belt comes with an included inner belt that allows you to add even more load bearing capacity if needed. The only downside we could find was its lack of padding; however, given its superior build quality, this shouldn’t be an issue for most users. 


The VTAC Skirmish Belt With Underbelt is one of the most popular battle belts currently on the market thanks to its combination of comfort and durability. It features heavy-duty construction made from 1000 D Cordura Nylon combined with breathable mesh padding to keep you comfortable during long days out in the field or on patrol duty. Additionally, this belt features three integrated MOLLE compatible pockets which allow you to store essential items securely without having to worry about them falling out during movement or activities such as rappelling or rock climbing. The only downside we could find was its lack of adjustability; however, given its superior build quality and overall comfort level, this shouldn’t be an issue for most users.  

Do You Really Have To Buy The Best Battle Belts?

I can say that battle belts isn’t the important part of your gear, but… It won’t be true. This is one of the most important parts of your gear, which help to assign the useful load. But let’s divide this question to the few points.

Save Your Back From The Weights

Let’s dive in physics: the center of mass of a distribution of mass in space (sometimes referred to as the balance point). The higher the center of mass, the harder this would be for you. Using the best battle belts, you can save your back (including lower back) from the additional weights and displace the balance point to your legs.

“Unload” Your Plate Carrier or Chest Rig

Where do you suppose to attach a dump pouch? Additional mags pouches? Maybe the IFAK pouch? Or maybe you have any additional useful gear that just couldn’t be placed on your plate carrier or chest rig? You can move part of your gear on your battle belt.


In conclusion, there are many great battle belts available on the market today so it can be difficult to choose the right one for your needs. We hope that our detailed review has helped narrow down your search so that you can make an informed decision when selecting your next battle belt! Whether you need something lightweight and slimline like the Grey Ghost Gear Battle Belt or something heavier duty like KRYDEX Heavy Duty Belt –we are confident that there will be something here just right for whatever mission awaits!