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Hi there! Don’t want to share my real name, but you can call me Armadillo. Usually this type of pages created for the self-promoting and cool stories like “I’m a super specialist in bla-bla-bla…”, “We have a team of 1 000 000 people who are working on this website, bla-bla-bla…”, “we know everything in the field of bla-bla-bla…”, and so on. I created this page to provide you some information about me, so… Here’s some quick facts about me:

  1. If you already read some of mine articles, you may see that I’m from Ukraine. Am I volunteer? Well, almost every conscious person is volunteer here. Am I soldier? Not yet. What’s a level of the expertise do I have then? I’m a certified TCCC CLS (combat lifesaver), SES of Ukraine volunteer, and have 4-or-something-about years of practical shooting.
  2. I don’t have a team of a few thousands people behind this website. I posting and writing here on my own, without huge team of the “brand managers”, “senior editors”, “Product Configuration Orchestrator”, and other “bullshit-job-titles” people. Instead, I have a lot of friends and acquaintances around the military. They’re combat medics, snipers, instructors, infantrymen, sappers, soldiers from the assault brigades, police, etc. And speaking about the tactical and military gear, I get a lot of information from them.
  3. Do I personally familiar with the article subjects I write about? Yes. I try to write about the things I know, and don’t write about the things I don’t know about. I won’t make a comparison of the engines of A-10 and Su-25, because I’m not an engineer. My personal goal is to provide information you won’t find anywhere else in the topics I definitely know about.